Biennial Quad State Exhibition, Quincy Art Center, Quincy, ILLINOIS. Video installation: “Enticing the Tide.” Local Artist Recognition award.


Exhibition for Global Nomadic Art Project (GNAP) Korea-III. 2016. Group exhibition of the works made by all participats in 2016 Global Nomadic Art Projects in Korea, South Africa, Iran.  Yeonmisan headquarters of YATOO, Gonju, SOUTH KOREA.

This video-performance was shot in an environment of mudflats in Taean, South Korea. The figure appears multiple times in time-lapsed segments, originating from one long take of the hour-long performance.  Defining a circle is done with the body through walking, scraping, pushing, pulling and rolling in the oyster-shell laden mud.  The piece is completed by layering imagery of the tide rolling in that occurred after the performance ended.  The circular form alludes to the moon that drives the tide, temporality and impermanence to the universal cyclical nature of life. The silhouetted figure appears diminutive in this expansive environment that is not entirely earth, not entirely sea.

Created during the Global Nomadic Art Project (GNAP-Korea III) in 2017. Orgnaized by YATOO Nature Art Association, Gongju, South Korea.