Screenings & Installations:


Global Nomadic Art Project (GNAP) – France. Residence program & exhibition. Saumur, Doué-en-Anjou and Les Perrières, FRANCE. Final exhibition concurre with European Heritage Days in Les Perrières, September.

Kidall & Sampson descended underground during the Global Nomadic Art Project-France (2017) to create their work for the final exhibition in a former mushroom-growing cave in Les Perrieres.  Two days were spent in the cave’s many meandering network of chambers to shoot video as well as a series of still images.  Prior to entering the cave for production, Kidall & Sampson constructed a sculptural object from local wood and silk organza. The structure’s shape emulated those of the carved openings, passageways and other structural elements found in the caves throughout the region.  Its translucent fabric contrasted with the solid, rough stone walls and further amplified the play of light and shadow in the dramatically lit interiors. The artists reflected on the chilly and dank underground as the unconscious, womb, underworld and escape. The culmination of two days shooting in the cave spaces culminated in a video-performance work called “Transference,” that explored the fine veil between presence and absence, corporeality and apparition.