• Jumping Frames Dance Video Festival, Kowloon,Hong Kong. 2011
  • Burgundy International Festival of Video-Danse, Le Breuil and Conservatory of Burgundy in Chalon sur Saône, France.  2011

This performance art/dance piece was inspired by the illustrative ‘ myth of origins’ from canto 1 of the Finnish epic poem, The Kalevala.   The visual translation of the text is a non-literal, poetic/symbolic representation using chant, movement and sculptural elements.  The mythic cycle describes the lament of the air/water goddess, Ilmater, as she drifts at sea endlessly awaiting the beginning of creation.  This version of the piece was performed on a frozen body of water at Valamo Monastery in March 2009 in Heinävesi, Finland for a gathering of participants of the “Aesthetics of Sky, Space & Heavens’ conference.  With improvisational vocal duet by Heikki Laitinen & Sanna Kurki-Suonio. HDV/16:9