• "Puut Punalle, Maat Sinelle," Solo Exhibition, MEDIAPiste Gallery, Pori Art Museum, Pori, Finland. November 29, 2013 - January 19, 2014.
  • WALLPAPER International Festival of Videodance, Piazza Giuseppe Verdi, Trieste, Italy, 2012
  • Nature As Spirit, Project Gallery, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 2012
  • Joensuu Päivä, Carelicum Museum (Museum of North Karelia), Joensuu, Finland. 2012


Video-performance, Koli National Park, 2011.  

A performance was made inside a wearable sculpture within a former ‘slash and burn’ area of a Finnish forest. The ghost-like form becomes a figurative hybrid of human, animal, insect and vegetation, while the mirror image is evocative of organism duplication, animal visages, winged creatures such as rare appearances of butterflies arriving in the 48-hour period after a burn to lay eggs in still smoldering ash. HDV/16:9