• Geumgang Nature Art Biennale, “Video Exhibition – Water.” Group exhibition of video art works on theme of water.  Jemincheon Bridge Canal walkway, Gongju, South Korea.  2016.

  • On Becoming II (w/ Gillian Brown) UNI Gallery of Art, Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA. 2009

  • On Becoming (w/Gillian Brown)  Catich Gallery, St. Ambrose Univ., Quad Cities, Iowa, USA. 2009
  • Primer Festival Internacional de Videoarte,  Camaguëy, Cuba. Solo installation in “Minimo Acceso” gallery exhibition, Camaguëy.  (Shown with 4 other works, looping).  2008
  • Video Festival dell’Acqua,Spazio Contemporary Art Center, Campagna, Italy.  2008
  • London Biennale, (organizer: David Medalla) Spazio Contemporary Art, Campagna, Italy. 2008
  • other/self  (w/ JJ Higgins), George Caleb Bingham Gallery, Columbia, Missouri, USA.  2008

Video-performance created at the site of the Wyaconda River during an early spring melt on its journey toward the Mississippi. Alluding to an experience of becoming, the edge of attainment and passing, the river and the figure itself are metaphors for this eternal cycle in human life, nature and the cosmos.   

Second in a series of two works made in NE Missouri, USA.  DV-SD/4:3