Night Passing I    (2012)


  • “From Forest Lands, Moors & Glaciers” Invitational group exhibition, Art Galleries of the University of Lapland Faculty of Art & Design, Rovaniemi, Finland.  2016.
  • FinnFest San Diego, “Fulbright Artists Exhibition”, Royal Palm Salon, San Diego, CA.  USA, 2011. 

Night Passing II   (2012)


  • International Festival of Video-Dance Burgundy, LeCreusot, France. 2012.
  • Winter Blues, Hannibal Art Center, Hannibal, Missouri, USA. 2012.
  • ART TODAY, Louhitalo Cultural Center, Eno, Finland, 2011.
  • National Park Day, Ukko Luontokeskus Media Gallery, Koli National Park, Finland. 2011.

Night Passing I and II were created in Finland in February and March as the long dark winter was beginning its descent.  The video-performances were shot in late afternoon when twilight in the far north appears to last forever, as if a vibrational visual drone that becomes stronger and longer as the season progresses toward the equinox and eventually summer.  The black figure personifies the darkness, against the backdrop of snow-laden trees like animated figures themselves ('tykkylumi' in Finnish). Music: Merja Soria with overtone singing by Alexander Khalil.  HDV/16:9